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  • Rich transfer glue is a water-based, odorless special glue used in decorative and artistic hobby works. It allows you to transfer a color copy of your choice to the desired surface. In order for your transfer picture to be clear, the surface to be applied should be painted with 2 layers R?ch white acry.
  • Apply Rich transfer glue all over the patterned surface of your copy paper with a dry brush and apply to the application surface without creating any air bubbles. After 2-4 hours you can start peeling the picture with the help of a damp sponge. Thanks to Rich transfer glue, it will transfer your design without creating any thickness on the surface it adheres to.
  • It can be applied on any surface including wood, glass ceramic, canvas, wall, fabric. Skin contact does not cause any harm to health

Rich Transfer Glue - 130cc

SKU: 9999834369998
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