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  • Rich spider is one of the paints used in decorative and artistic hobby studies which gives the effect of cracking spider web. It is water based and odorless. The product consists of spider medium and 2 different bottles in preferred color. Available in 30 opaque and 7 metalic colors.


  • The effect of cracking can be controlled during application. For coarse cracks, step 2 (spider paint) should be applied thick. Recommended application step 1 spider medium 1 layer is applied evenly over the whole surface. After it is transparent, step 2 (spider paint) should be applied with a dry brush evenly on the whole surface and left to dry naturally. Does not require varnish.


  • It can be easily used on different surfaces such as wood, glass, ceramic, mdf, canvas and polyester. Due to its consistency, it provides the possibility of working easily on vertical surfaces.



Rich Quick Crackle- 70cc

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