Notepad " Premium Ground", A5, 30 sheets, "Canvas" stamping, 40% cotton, 160 g/m2

Colored paper, density of 160 g/m2., contains 40% of cotton fibers and has "Canvas" embossment on one side.
Suits for different types of pastel techniques and for different types of drawing ( pastel, coal, sepia, red chalk, pencil, even watercolors and gouache).
Quality paper structure guarantees preservation of work results.
And application of multiple layers of pastel materials does not have a negative impact on stability of paint layer.
And this paper can be used for design works ( twisting, cutting, gluing, creation of cards, decoupage, scrap books).

Internal blok :  Notepad
Size: 140 x 198
Density g/m2: 160
Amount sheets: 30
Color: Ground


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