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  • Silk is one of the most ancient and most exclusive textile fibres. Mulberry silk is of the best quality and the most valuable natural silk. Thread is obtained from the cocoon of the silkmoth caterpillar. The length of each individual strand is up to 700m. During the course of the production several strands are spun, knitted and dyed. The finished yarn is a wonderful natural product, which enjoys a special position amongst textile materials because of its sheen and softness. The caterpillar of the silkmoth feeds virtually exclusively on the leaves of the mulberry tree, thus giving the silk its name. Silk is tactile. For cleaning, washing with specialist silk detergent is recommended.
  • 100% Seta (Mulberry)
  • 145m / 50g per ball
  • Needle size (mm)  - 3 - 3½

Lang Yarns Mulberry Silk -No. 1011

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