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  • Hats off to knitting with these 24 popular hat patterns from renowned knitwear designer Jody Long. Knitters can quickly and easily make one to show off any mood or put the finishing touch on any outfit. All the designs have unique twists of color or detail that make them stand out from the shop-bought hats. Color photographs accompany the instructions for each pattern, with many coming in three sizes, small, medium and large. 


- Hats of all shapes and styles: berets, beanies, slouch, and more 


- A variety of stitch patterns, including Fairisle, cables, lace and slip stitch 


- Embellishments, knitted flowers, pompoms, and other creative trimmings 


- Versatile designs for all seasons 


- Stylish modern designs for men and women 


- Ideal projects for stash-busting

Knitted Hats 6250-1

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