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  • The hooks? finely polished tip will not snag threads and gives a smooth crocheting feel.
  • The longer hook shaft makes it easier for beginners to create consistent stitches.
  • Available Sizes

TER-03e       No.2       2.00 mm

TER-04e       No.3       2.20 mm

TER-05e       No.4       2.50 mm

TER-06e       No.5       3.00 mm

TER-07e       No.6       3.50 mm

TER-08e       No.7       4.00 mm

TER-10e       No.8       5.00 mm

TER-11e       No.9       5.50 mm

TER-12e       No.10      6.00 mm

TULIP "ETIMO" Rose Steel Crochet Hook with Cushion Grip

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