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  • Made of 95% Cotton, 5% Other Fibers
  • Mochayarn combed yarns are hobby yarns produced by recycling from the textile industry.
  • The large size bobbin in the image weighs approximately 700-1000gr and is 130 meters long. The weight and quantity of the bobbins vary depending on the texture of each thread. You can create a 40x40 cm knit surface from a large bobbin.
  • For combed yarns, 8-15mm needle or 6-25mm crochet is recommended to get a good result.

Mocha T-Shirt Yarn

  • The actual yarn color may vary from the color shown on the website

  • Since Mochayarn combed cotton yarns are obtained from recycling, the tones are constantly changing, we recommend that you buy the yarn at once so that there is no difference in tone in your projects.

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