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  • Album for water- color "Tour de France", Size: A4, 15 sheets, 300 gsm
  • For Watercolor. Album. Microperforation. Torchon.

Torchon is  most commonly used for scenery drawing.
This paper has a rough texture and has ideal snow - white color, since during the production it is dried without additional pressing.
This type of paper is the selection for those who prefers expressive texture, drawdown, dry - brush painting, scraping and slipping.
It is important to note the thickness of paper expressed in grams per square meter.
The most popular thickness is 300 g/m2., since the greater thickness makes it more resistant to washing with hard brushes.

  • Internal block :  Torchon paper
  • Size: 210 x 297
  • Density g/m2: 300
  • Amount sheets: 15


SKU: 5555916085599
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